IT Asset Management

What Is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management is a process typically involved in gathering a detailed inventory of an organization’s hardware and software and then using that information to make informed decisions about IT-related purchases and redistribution. By avoiding unnecessary asset purchases and making the best use of current resources, IT asset management can eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

How can we help?

Utilizing market’s top of the line IT Asset Management software, CompIT Solutions is not only able to help our clients track inventories, but we save time and money by logging details on computing equipment and reporting on any software and hardware deficiencies.

Features of IT Asset Management Services

Physical locationNo matter if you have 1000 desktops or 20 locations, logging in and keeping track of every device in a company or among different locations could be extremely time consuming; and would not provide you with automatic reporting on the health and status of those devices. CompIT Solutions IT Asset Management as a service allows us to do just that for our clients! No misplaced equipment and no inability to know which devices need service or replacement.Warranty informationWith custom fields in reporting we are able to enter and keep track of all warranty information on your entire hardware inventory. This allows us to keep track of warranty claim process information, in case of device failures.Hardware configurationsCompIT Solutions’ IT Asset management service allows users to track details on computer’s hardware configuration. However, hardware configurations tend to change over time, and you need to be able to keep track of those changes. This is helpful when help desk staff must be able to replace or upgrade hardware components in response to service calls, while reconciliations against existing inventory must be made.Usage patternsPC usage patterns are another often overlooked issue that should be tracked. CompIT Solutions’ IT Asset Management reporting is agent-based, and the agent is usually designed to check in with a central server on a periodic basis. Generally, such services also make it possible to generate an alert when an agent has not checked in for a certain period of time. This feature is important because if an agent doesn’t check in, it may be an indication that there is trouble with a PC.Purchase reconciliationIT departments make a lot of purchases that often include computers, software licenses and parts that are used for repairs and upgrades. Because so much money is typically spent on such purchases, it is a good idea to use your asset management service to track IT spending and verify that the items purchased were actually received. Our reporting system allows our customers to perform reconciliation between purchase orders and inventory items, while cueing which departments and personnel are in receipt of deliveries, including dates and times.

Benefits of effective IT Asset Management for organizations

  • Visibility and control of IT Assets
  • Improve utilization of assets
  • Compliance with audit requirements
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce software and hardware costs
  • Support organizational change and projects
  • Align IT Asset Costs to Services
  • Provide configuration data for Service Management

At CompIT, we’ll keep you up and running so you can focus on your clients and your business.

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