Remote Support

What is Remote Support Services?

Remote Support Services allows CompIT Solutions’ IT technicians to access the customer’s systems remotely from a remote location. This service can be used for diagnosing problems, training, updates, and repair. In fact statistics show that over 70% of all technology needs can be resolved remotely. This means that over 70% of all needs, can be resolved faster and cost you less.Now with that in mind, if a piece of critical hardware fails and requires someone to physically replace it, on-site support service is unavoidable, but this should be the exception and not the rule. Again, this should happen less than 30% of the time unless there are other more systemic issues causing recurring problems.Of course, if you are deploying new technologies, opening new offices, replacing aged equipment, etc., these are projects that typically require on-site support and can be planned for ahead of time.

What are the business advantages to Remote Support Services?

  • Support needs can be addressed much fasterand issues resolved quicker because the technician can immediately address the situation.
  • Support costs are lowerbecause it takes less time to address and resolve issues, and there is no travel time involved.
  • With the many advanced tools available today, IT professionals are able to resolve a greater number of issues than ever before:
    • Remote access of devices
    • Chat sessions
    • Phone sessions
    • Remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to proactively identify and resolve issues without human intervention.
  • Remote support allows both you and your IT vendor to scale support to meet business needs without geographical restrictions. An IT vendor can support a new branch in California as easily as it can support one in Chicago, without adding the costs of new staff.
  • The majority of support needs can be done remotelyand do not require onsite services.
  • The IT technician can access your system from anywhere at any time, regardless of location.
  • The next time you have a question or issue with your computer, laptop, tablet or other device, please contact us to see if we can put Remote Support Services to work for you.

At CompIT, we’ll keep you up and running so you can focus on your clients and your business.

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